A branding extension of an existing fashion house, Chloé, with deliverables for a luxury interior and exterior paint line. Chloé’s soft colors and unique material were stressed.


The design challenge was to brand an existing high fashion brand’s interior and exterior paint line. I chose the fashion house Chloe. It was important to the brand to incorporate soft, feminine colors into the paint line. Chloe emphasizes the imporance of a free spirit, effortlessness, and feminity of the girl. Through my research, I felt that their strength was in the materials and colors of both their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer lines



For materials, I drew inspiration from their luxury purses. The use of gold chains as the handles of the paint can was designed in order to capture the essence of fashion and integrate Chloe’s existing materials in their clothing lines. 

The font chosen was Mrs Eaves because it channeled the elegance of the existing brand. Strong typography was needed for this project due to the high level of information required for the deliverables.