A rebrand of Crocs shoes. Designed with an audience change of solely children under the age of fifteen. Strong qualities of the existing mark were kept while other elements were created to target the new audience.


The design challenge was to rebrand an existing brand, for which I chose to rebrand Crocs shoes. Through research, I found it to be important to focus the audience down to children under the age of fifteen. There seemed to be an opportunity to make the brand more cohesive through aiming the design towards children. 

I felt that the existing brand had strong typography but lacked exciting color and secondary logo. I chose to use a circular sans serif for the type to keep the strengths of the current brand. It was important to make a simple secondary logo with limited detail in order to work at different sizing scales. A diamond shape was found to be the solution in the middle of the “O”. The shape functioned as an crocodile eye along with a secondary mark. 



The website became an opportunity to focus on playful design now that the audience was refined. I created a watercolor design of different sized and colored crocodiles that were positioned in a clump, almost as if they were communicating.  

The colors for the branding system were chosen based on a gender neutral choice of design. It was important to make the color appeal to all genders of children in order to increase sales and attract a larger audience. The secondary logo now plays a role in the packaging of the actual shoe. On the attachment buckles of the back strap the crocodile eye is used to connect the base and the strap.