A set of travel journals addressing the child rearing practices of different cultures. Designed with a focus on five different countries, they reveal parenting practices ranging from sleep habits & cuisine to discipline & education.


Raising Bebe was derived from a self defined project where I chose my interest in children and education to utilize design and visual communicate how children are being raised around the world. I found it important for this project to rely on facts rather than a comparative opinon based design project. Through research, I chose five countries to highlight their child rearing practices. These countries included France, Japan, Sweden, Egypt, and Brazil. 

The challenge was to design a branding system that clearly communicated the countries personality and functions. The audience also influenced the mark, as I was targeting parents who were curious to learn more while they acquired more skills that they believed would better them as care-takers.  


For the individual identites of the countries, I chose to represent them with a child of that country. It was important that sterotypes were not addressed when illustrating the children’s faces. The choice was made to not include facial features or clothing, but to describe a culture by skin tone. The font chosen for the mark was to communicate a playful attitude that I wanted to span across the whole branding system.

Each journal goes into depth on four subjects which included children of that nations cuisine, sleeping habits, discipline, and education. On the right side of the journal there is space for the reader to take notes on key elements they believe to be important and to take with them as they continue with their own parenting.