A non-profit rebrand of the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts. Designed in a modern yet timeless mindset in order to capture the Kennedy Family along with the architecture of the building. 


The design challenge was to rebrand an existing non-profit. Through my research, I identified the strengths and weaknesses of their current mark which integrates the architecture, the river, and the center’s name. There were three variations of the mark used by this non-profit as shown to the left. I found that it could be simplified and still maintain the center’s significance and importance to the arts. 

A new identity needed to reflect the Kennedy’s strength of character while still incorporating the architecture of the building. The solution was to simplify the naming of the center from The Kennedy Center: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to “The Kennedy Center”.


The Kennedy Center of Performing Arts serves equally as a memorium for John F. Kennedy as well as a center for the performing arts. Through research, I found it of equal importance to represent the Kennedy’s aesthetic as it was to represent the arts performed there. The Kennedy Family were strong supporters of the arts. I felt that this mark was important to exist as a wordmark that could stand throughout time. It was important to match the Kennedy timeless way of life. The colors and and font choice derived from the classic characteristics of the Kennedy Family.  

The duplication of the “N” in Kennedy was inspired by the reflection of the Kennedy Center’s architecture on the Potomac River.