A app created to conveniently connect freelance stylist to client. Ranked stylists re-envision their clients’ style and give them access to a confident wardrobe in one spot. 


The design challenge was to create a service that did not currently exist. Through my research and personal interest, I identified the issue of online shopping and inspiration websites. There seemed to be a mass quantity of inspiration but no way to access a site to purchase. The opposite problem occured when shopping online. There was mass quantities of clothing options but no advice on styling. I found that there should be a service that provides jobs for freelance stylists and a premium service for client’s to receive guidance on a confident personal style.

The challenge was to design an app that functioned both for an employee, the stylist, and the client. All while reflecting the personal interests of the client.  


Brander carries out the process of a client hiring a ranked stylist based on experience and expertise. They then make inspiration boards of existing items that they feel incorporates their ideal image of themselves. Once the stylist is hired they have access to their clients boards and spend their time creating a cart for them of their chosen items including an extension of their existing style. The audience was targeted to any gender that has little time to curate their own style.  

A slab serif was chosen for the font. Bluu Next is a serif that incorporates pointed triangular serifs that I felt created an edgy appearance and aesthetic to Brander.